A No-Nonsense Approach

Dr. Mike has designed an approach with you in mind. He understands that your body is unique and refuses to give his patients a “cookie-cutter” approach to healthcare. Each patient spends quality one-on-one time with the doctor as he guides you back onto the road of optimal health.

This individualized approach to healthcare assists you in living a healthier and happier life.

Below is a list of the therapies that you may receive depending on your needs.

  • Targeted and precise adhesion release therapy and active release techniques designed to restore pain-free movement.
  • Individualized strengthening and rehab exercises for all levels of fitness.
  • Gentle chiropractic adjustments to restore the proper movement of your spinal joints.
  • Nutritional coaching designed to meet you at your current level of health.
  • Mindfulness techniques to help you stay balanced in the present moment.

First Visit - Finding the Root Cause

At your first visit, Dr. Mike will sit down with you to discuss what has brought you into the office and go over your comprehensive health history. You will then undergo a series of biomechanical Integrative Diagnosis exams to assess how your body moves and receive a working diagnosis and review of our findings. You will then receive Dr. Mike's recommendations for the best course of treatment for your unique situation. 

The goal of the first meeting is to make sure that both the doctor and yourself understand exactly what is happening inside your body and that you understand the approach to treatment. Depending on the severity and particulars you may receive treatment during the first exam, but the goal of the first exam is accurately diagnosing your pain, educating you about what is going on in your body, and prescribing a treatment protocol. What you can expect is to meet with a doctor who is genuinely concerned with your health and recovery.

You will not be pressured to begin regular care in our office at your first visit. You will simply receive recommendations based on the facts of the examination. You can then take this knowledge and move forward with it in whichever direction you see fit.

Return Visits - Test, Treat and Retest

Once you decide to begin receiving care in our office you will undergo our test-treat-retest process during every visit. Over the course of the first few visits we hone in on the Root Cause of the problem and continue to measure your progress and symptoms to ensure that the proper structures are being targeted. This process is integral to ensuring that progress is occurring and is sustainable.

Patients with a high level of complexity and requiring more urgent care should expect to be seen twice a  week for four weeks to start chipping away at the adhesions. Those with a lower complexity of dysfunction will receive less frequent appointment recommendations.

Resolution of your condition resulting in sustained improvement is our goal.