Are you open to the fact that emotional stress and anxieties can lead to physical pain?

Could it be that you have not been looking deep enough?

Just as your body is a master of generating flushed cheeks in response to embarrassment; sweating in response to fear; and even arousal in response to THOUGHTS about another human being; your body is also a master at generating adrenaline & muscular tension in response to the stresses of daily life.

Built up over extended periods of time, this chronic muscular tension leads to a decrease in oxygen in the soft tissues of the body which causes pain. The constant adrenaline in response to stress also leads to an over-excited and over-sensitized nervous system which can equally cause chronic pain.

The solution comes in the form of education.

First you need to learn the truth about what DOES NOT cause chronic pain. This will help alleviate a lot of the fear and anxieties that are actually perpetuating the pain. Then you need to learn the intricacies of how the pain sets up in the body and what you can learn to do about it.

This is not a “quick-fix”, this is a long-term solution, and strategies that you will gain for a lifetime.

Dr. Mike no longer offers temporary patches in the form of hands on therapies. Instead he successfully teaches his clients to overcome years of chronic pain using an online course that can be taken at your convenience and private consultation held remotely over the internet.

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