The Message of Pain

I’m sure you’ve all heard before that pain is a messenger.

On the surface, the message is quite simple. It’s telling us to “Stop”.

When does it want us to stop?


Why does it want us to stop?

So that we can heal.

I’m sure many of you have also heard that healing is an “inside job”

Having experienced exactly that with the physical pain in my own life and the lives of clients who I have encountered, I truly believe this is the case.

So if healing is an inside job, why do we often look to others outside of ourselves to “fix” the problem?

I believe in cause and effect. Hence the business name ;)

When a client comes to me, my true interest is getting down to the CAUSE of the problem

And often, the client professes to want the same... That is, until I start poking around with all my questions about lifestyle etc... ;-)

You see, in my experience most people really only want me to AFFECT THE EFFECT with my hands. It’s logical given our mainstream model of medicine that - rubbing a tight muscle, or adjusting a spine, or taking a pill - is treating the cause of the pain. This stems from our current Newtonian understanding of the outside world.

But then guys like Einstein and Heisenberg came along with all of their physics mumbo-jumbo and blew our old understanding of the world out of the water. (I’ll get into to more of that in a later email, but if you’re interested right now , look up “The Observer Effect” and prepare to have your mind blown.)

Back to Newton - living in our physical, action/reaction, world - it is logical to think that tight sore muscles are the cause of our pain, and leave it at that...

Honestly, there’s part of me that wishes I still could leave it at that... But once my understanding of what truly causes chronic pain deepened, it became harder to ignore the reality that Einstein helped us understand. 

Think of it like this.... Physics has proven that we are 99.9999999% empty space. That means that the "physical" things we see in this world, are really only our perception (through the 5 senses) of "solid" objects. So if we are basically a pile of empty space, why do we perceive our pains to be physical problems? It seems to be that they are actually energetic problems.

You see, instead of asking, “Who can help me take this "physical" pain away?” And then looking for a chiropractor or massage therapist to temporarily relieve it, what if you asked “How am I living that allowed this to happen in the first place?”

And look, I am not saying that the pain you are experiencing is not real, or that you do not feel it in your body... What I am saying is that our current understanding of pain and how to solve it, is severely limited and it is time to broaden and deepen our understanding of our lives and what causes pain.

The quick answer to what is causing pain is often one of the following:

  1. Working too much/long hours -> leading to "damaged" muscles...

  2. Working out too often -> leading to the same things...

  3. Slouching/Poor posture -> ^^^^

These are the most common things we read and think about when it comes to pain.

But those, again, are really only surface level conclusions...

The REAL question becomes then, “WHY am I pushing myself so hard at work or the gym?”Or “Why is it that I can’t find the energy to stand or sit up straight?”

I hear a common answer to that second question - that the person feels they lack the strength, but that is really just a way of avoiding the depth of why people don’t stand up straight... If you truly lacked the strength to stand up straight, then you wouldn't even be able to stand up period. The strength is there, but the WILL is lacking.

All three of the above scenarios boil down to one perception that we commonly have about ourselves...


(Please don’t let the all caps fool you into thinking that that is a true statement. Nothing could be further from the truth.)

We feel that we are not successful enough so we push ourselves until our bodies break down...

Or strong/skinny enough - leading to the same results...

Or worthy enough - leading to a lack of confidence and subsequently poor posture...

I want you to know, YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

The world may try to teach us that we are not, so that we will worship Golden Cows and buy more things or work harder, but our happiness will never be found on the other side of those accomplishments or things

Our happiness can only be found inside ourselves, right this very instant, and when we recognize the truth, that we are already more than enough, then and only then, will we find happiness.

That happiness won’t come in the form of something outside ourselves, it will come from deep within. It will come from a place where we recognize that we are one with every single thing we lay our eyes on...

Think of it like this. When a baby is born, or a puppy, for that matter, they are born as 100% loving creatures. They are the closest living example we have to the Source Energy that we ALL came from, and they exude LOVE. That means that at our core, WE ARE LOVE. We are born from it and we are bathing in it 100% of the time whether we realize it or not. There is no other truth.

When we realize that we are COMPLETE LOVE, we will no longer feel the need to push ourselves beyond our limits (whatever our unique limits may be), then we will act from a place of full confidence, standing tall, knowing that there is nothing we need other than be our loving selves and love each and every thing we encounter. That doesn’t mean we won’t work, or workout, but that means that our actions will come from the fullness of our love for ourselves and not from a perceived lack.

I’m on a journey to find that sweet spot of love and happiness inside myself. It starts by accepting myself for who I truly am.

For the longest time I have wanted to speak my heart and mind about my thoughts on healing. Instead I pushed them down to conform to some standard that I felt the world held me to. The standard of being a “body-doctor” only, and not talking about anything besides rest and strengthening and all the other worldly “fixes” we employ to temporarily buy us more time from feeling the pain.

Not speaking my truth, meant not loving and accepting a part of myself, and that caused me pain. Actual physical pain, stemming from psychological pain. The mental and emotional back and forth of not speaking my truth, led to a tensing of my neck and shoulders, which led to pain.

I tried all the normal patches and still had the pain. The adjustments and massages only relieved it temporarily.

Expressing my inner rage onto pieces of paper helped, but again I needed to go a level deeper and ask, “Why was I angry at myself?”, "Why do I need to keep expressing anger?", "What is it that is making me angry?"

It wasn’t until I began to dig deeper into the why’s behind the pain, that I really got any relief.

I was angry because I wasn't standing up and speaking my truth.

Seeing now my own ability to help myself, I no longer needed an outside force to “fix” me...

With that in mind, I began my mission to share this information with everyone that I speak with about pain.

I want nothing more than to see you all living happy and free lives. It is my hope that this email resonates with you and brings you closer to a pain free life.

If I can be here to listen and support you in any way, please reach out. I am here to help.

Wishing you all the peace and joy in the world!