Let's Talk About Emotions Some More...

The Saga Continues…

So where were we? We had left off with a few questions regarding pathology, or a lack thereof, and the presence of pain.

Here they were.

Why is it that both groups, with and without a pathology have pain? 

What is contiguous in both of their human experiences that would lead to the feeling of physical discomfort?

Well for one, they believe they are having a human experience.

And with that experience comes all kinds of confusion, anxiety, fear, and many other emotions stemming from the belief that we are only human. 

When you feel that you are only a human being, living a life separate from those around you, then you feel alone and afraid. 

When you feel alone and afraid, fearful, you lash out in anger, in order to protect the image that you have of yourself. 

But lashing out in anger doesn’t FEEL good. 

The people that we lash out at can be people that we see as outside of ourselves, or also our inner selves. Either way, we react in anger in hopes of protecting the image that we have of our small isolated selves. 

And then, to compound matters, as children, we’re taught NOT to do that.

"Be a good boy/girl!"

"Don’t have a tantrum in the grocery store (or church, or school, or wherever)"

"Don’t cry, be a big girl/boy, and get back out on the field!"

We’re often not taught that it is okay to experience the feelings that we are feeling, and… we are often not taught healthy ways to process those emotions. This is no one person’s particular fault. This just happens to be the way that we tend to raise our children, currently….

And so what do we do with all of these emotions?

We learn to stuff them down. We develop patterns in which we continue to suppress our emotions in order to protect the image that we hope others will have of us. ("A good boy" or "A good girl" or "A good X") 

These patterns of suppression that we learn early on, become patterns that we carry with us throughout our lives. And just like a bottle that is shaken under pressure, eventually, with enough emotions built up and suppressed within, we begin to experience symptoms in our bodies later in life.

Suppressed emotions can come in the form of neck or back pain, ulcers, digestive issues, allergies, and so on. 

The medical community admits that the number one cause of hospital visits is stress. At least, that is what is lying at the core of the matter, no matter how we dress it up or what name we give it. And yet, it seems easier to just go on giving things unique descriptions so that we can go on giving humans unique prescriptions… All aimed at masking the symptoms and none aimed at the true cause of our discomforts….

It occurred to me one day while walking my dog, that our Emotions (Energies IN Motion) are called "FEELINGS" for a reason.

Often our own language and the way we use words and phrases will give us very clear insights into what was meant by using those words.

We call our Emotions FEELINGS because we FEEL them in our bodies.

"That guy is a real pain in my neck."

"She/he is a real pain in my butt."

Those expressions CAME FROM SOMEWHERE for a reason.

Someone had an interaction with another human being and felt a sensation in their body. Recognizing that the sensation was stemming from the interaction, they proceeded to begin using the phrases listed above. 

That right there should be a good indication that our emotions cause pain. 

It is not a weakness to admit this. In fact it is a strength to recognize this.

When you can look within and recognize that your reactions and feelings towards life are causing you to suffer discomfort in your body, then you can begin to evaluate the root cause of those emotions and how you can more appropriately respond to life.

Maybe you need to take a break from working too hard, or stop pushing yourself to try and be more than you already are in this moment. Remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

Maybe you need to cut a toxic relationship out of your life… Handled of course in a lovingly strong way where you are not purposely trying to hurt that person, but rather loving yourself and them by speaking the truth of how the relationship is affecting you.

Maybe you need to heal a wounded relationship with a family member or loved one, using forgiveness, so that you can stop carrying around the emotional charge of the stress that the strained relationship causes you…

There are many areas of our own lives that we can turn to with loving eyes and ask if we can choose a new direction that will serve our higher good. 

What is one of those areas in your life?

A good hint will be to stop to notice the story that seems to be on repeat today within your head.

Are you worrying about work? Money? Family? A relationship? There really only tends to be a few big themes that cause us to be off of our center.

Which one is yours today? Which one will it be tomorrow?

Wouldn’t you rather evaluate the stories and the emotional charges that they carry? 

Then you can learn to overcome and heal the emotions, which will lead to more energy and mental freedom in your life, ultimately leading to less and less physical discomfort…

Is there anyway I can support you in this process? 

Many of you may know this, but I no longer offer traditional chiropractic services to my clients. To me it seemed that we were only AFFECTING the EFFECT of the complaint, and not getting down to the root cause of the discomfort. My time spent as a chiropractor led me down a different path than most, and I am happy to be on it now and honoring the qualities in myself that cause me to ask more questions.

I must have been such a nuisance as a kid… "Yeah, but why mommy?", "Okay, yeah, but why that too?" and so on…. ;)

If you are open to having a conversation, I would love to sit across from you and ask what it is about what you are experiencing in life that has led to the physical discomfort you now have.

I have never been thanked so endlessly and so sincerely, than when I started doing this work, and that lets me know that I am on the right path.

Sometimes all it takes is a kind person to sit across from you and hold a mirror up to the things you do and say.

I know that I have benefited immensely from those things, whether they came in the form of a life coach, a friend, a relationship, or a loved one… Even if I didn’t always want to admit it.

Growth is uncomfortable. It is no wonder that we all seek remedies outside of ourselves. Most people simply prefer to have the problem "fixed" for them than to rather seek the change within.

However, I have found, that seeking the change within allows you to overcome the obstacle in an empowered way, knowing that if it comes up again, you already have the tools within yourself to face the challenge confidently, know that you do not need someone to "fix" you.

I have also found that what is more uncomfortable is continuing to wallow in the pains that are preventing our growth. In fact, medicine is making big business out of it….

I am here for you. 

I am here to listen and ask gentle questions. 

I am not here to give you answers. 

I am merely here to reflect back the things I hear and ask you if those things are your true self talking, or some other voice…

All sessions are done one on one via technology and the world wide web, unless of course you happen to live where I currently live. But since this email is going out mostly to people who live across the pond from me, the internet will have to suffice for now.

Please reach out if you would like to grow together :)

Wishing you nothing but all the peace and happiness available in this lifetime!