Let's Talk About Emotions...

Now for starters… Why is a chiropractor talking about emotions?

Shouldn’t I be talking about how "poorly aligned" your spine is, or what "terrible condition" you muscles and ligaments are?

Wouldn’t it make more sense for me to confirm every suspicion that you already have about your body, whether acquired from acquaintances or the internet? That seems to be why people are coming in in the first place. Somewhere along the lines, when you visit any type of provider for that matter, you have acquired a grand idea that there is something wrong with you.

Have you ever wondered if maybe the thing that is "wrong" is that you THINK there is something wrong? 

What about the emotions involved when you are anticipating the worst?

Do you think that the fear and anxiety associated with "knowing" something is wrong with you has any effect on the discomfort that you feel?

And then you go see someone like me, and I have been trained to confirm exactly that. 

Isn’t strange that no matter who you go see, each one of them has a unique way of confirming your suspicion that something is terribly wrong and only that person has the unique solution you need.

Isn’t it also strange that many people, with the same "condition", at the hands of all kinds of unique and different professions, GET BETTER. Yet some still will not… What is that all about? 

Could it be that the clients faith in the confidence of the providerunlocks a force within themselves, that they begin to heal?

Because let’s face it. There are millions, if not billions of people with back and neck pain, and there are almost as many methods for solving the pain, each of which are successful. If it were truly a cut and dry condition, wouldn’t you think it would have a cut and dry solution? And then if so, wouldn’t there only be one profession that solves back and neck pain?

As a chiropractor, with the unique teaching that I received, how did I get to this point that I started to question my own profession?

(I guess it’s the philosophers stone that lives in my mind….)

For starters, I began noticing that some people got better RIGHT AWAY, while others seemed to have lingering pains that would come and go, or shift to different areas of the body...

That got me asking, "What else could be going on that is causing these people to feel continual discomfort?" 

At the same time, I was experiencing my own unique set of symptoms that seemed to come and go mysteriously. My neck and shoulders would almost always hurt in the evening after a working day. They would always feel better in the morning after sleep, and there was never any pain on the weekends or holidays. Unless of course I was anxious or stressed…

Now; my teaching had taught me that the reason I was experiencing pain was due to a misalignment of my spine and or a degeneration of some sort in my ligaments, muscles, or discs.

Reason stands that if that were true, then the pain would not go away after sleep or on the weekends because the "pathology" would still be present.

This really got me thinking…

I noticed a lot of similarities in the reports from my patients on a day to day basis. Their pain also seemed to come and go, as did they when it was worse or better. 

Then I started digging into some research from the 50’s and 90’s that contradicted everything I had been taught in school. This was really the last straw for me. 

How was it that there was research demonstrating arthritis, disc degeneration, scoliosis, herniations, etc… in PAIN FREE people? 

How was this NOT what EVERYONE was talking about?

Instead it seemed to be more convenient to keep telling people things to the contrary. It seems that instilling more fear into our minds, is exactly what keeps people coming back for care. Don't get me wrong, people are not doing this on purpose. We have created legions of providers who believe they are doing the absolute best thing by telling you all the things that are wrong with you.

(Where are the providers who tell you all of the things that are RIGHT with you?!?!)

This got me thinking… If disc degeneration and arthritis could be present in people without pain, was it possible for adhesions and spinal misalignments to be present without pain.

Reason would stand to argue that this is absolutely possible, because to my knowledge, every single person on the planet is experiencing those last two scenarios in one form or another based on our current lifestyle decisions, and yet, not every single person on the planet is seeking care or relief from those two things. 

The research that I was digging into was screaming one thing. Nearly EVERYONE has arthritis as they age, nearly everyone has disc degeneration by the time they are twenty, nearly everyone has adhesions from muscles repairing themselves due to injuries, and nearly everyone has spinal misalignments due to how they sit and stand.


Not everyone with those "conditions" has pain.

Did that mean that they were not the cause of pain?

And if they were not the cause of pain, what was?

It seems logical to conclude that most people are going to experience physical discomfort at one point or another in their lives. 

Research has shown that you can have what the majority of the medical community deems a "pathology" and yet not have pain.


You can have the pathology and have pain.

You can not have the pathology and still have pain.

You can have the pathology and not have pain.

And you can not have the pathology and also not have pain.

Show of hands, who wants to be in those latter two groups?!?!

How about those first two options?

Why is it that both groups, with and without a pathology have pain?

What is contiguous in both of their human experiences that would lead to the feeling of physical discomfort?

For the sake of not making these emails unbearably long, I am going to dig further into those last few questions in an email later this week. I'm sure by now, you have an idea of where I am going with this...

For now I want you to ponder those last few questions and realize that despite what you have been told about what you are experiencing,there are people living on this planet who have overcome it, or are living with it and do not have pain.

Where there is pain, there is life. And where there is life, there is always the potential for healing.

Wishing you all the peace and happiness in the world!

Until next time....