Learning To RIse above Chronic Pain

Tired of being “bogged down” by daily chronic pain?

I know I was.

How was it that my body had changed so much over the course of my life, to the point where pain was a part of my normal daily life?

Any physical trauma that I had experienced, broken bones, torn muscles, infections, etc.. had long passed and healed.

So why was I still having debilitating upper back and neck pain?

I could no longer do the things I used to without pain.

  • Working out at the gym? Forget about it!

    • I was too afraid I was going to injure myself even more.

  • Playing tug-o-war or rough housing with my dog? No way!

    • Not only did I not have the energy anymore due to the pain, but again there was the fear that I would make it worse.

  • Spending quality intimate time with my wife? It just wasn’t the same.

    • Most of the time I was too distracted by the pain to be in the mood, not to mention there was always still the fear of making it worse.

Not only was the physical pain itself holding me back, but also the fear and anxiety around experiencing more pain and what the (seemingly bleak) future held for me. Both of these thoughts were only making it worse.

It seemed that no matter how many health professionals I visited, I always received a different “answer” as to why the pain was there.

Some said it was the alignment of my spine.

Others told me that my muscles were no good.

A few told me that it was simply bad genes.

And many just looked at me like I was making the whole thing up…

But I knew I wasn’t making it up. I could FEEL the pain in my body and it was REAL.

The truth is — the pain IS real. It is not made up, and there is a VERY good explanation as to why the pain is there.

The unfortunate reality is that there is a GIANT elephant in the room when it comes to chronic pain and NO ONE is talking about it… until now.

I will always remember the moment when I learned to overcome the chronic daily sharp upper back & neck pain that plagued me for years.

I was determined to get better, longer results, than any of the hands on therapists could provide for me.

I was tired of visiting their clinics only to end up back in pain a few short hours after the visit.

There had to be something they were missing and something I could do for myself.

And there was…

You see, the BIG thing that no one is talking about, is the communication that happens between our thoughts and emotions and how they make our body feel.

And before you quickly write an idea like that off, I ask you to simply recall a few obvious connections that we have all experienced at some point before.

  • Cheeks that blush in response to embarrassment is an example of the mind creating a physical reaction in the body.

  • Sweating and hot flashes that occur inside the body in response to fear…

  • The Arousal that occurs when thinking about a person we are attracted to…

All of those are perfect examples of the mind creating a physical reaction inside the body.

And you know what?

Muscle contractions in response to fearful, anxious, repetitive toxic thoughts are MORE common than the examples listed above.

In fact, it’s a really straight forward process and I will walk you through it briefly right here.

First a stressful, anxious, or fearful thought occurs in the mind. (This could be a fight with a co-worked or loved one…)

The brain registers the thought as something to protect itself from and sends a lightning fast impulse to the body to prepare the “fight or flight” response.

This ends up being a release of the stress chemical adrenaline and cortisol, along with a contraction of the muscle tissues.

In most cases this tends to be the neck or upper & lower back regions, but I have experienced it in many other areas of my body and witnessed it in the bodies of my clients.

This signal from the brain creates a contraction in the muscles. It is more common for this contraction to be what is considered a “micro-contraction” - one that is hardly noticeable at first. This is why we are quick to dismiss this mind-body connection as a possibility, because we often are unaware of this small physical reaction inside the muscles.

However, over time, the repetitive anxious thoughts lead to repetitive micro-contractions in the muscles and as that adds up daily — over the course of a few months or years, the symptoms continue to increase.

The exact science of how the muscle contractions create this pain is discussed in detail in my course in order to help you better understand the process and set your mind at ease.

Just be aware that the symptoms experienced when this happens can range from:

  1. A dull ache

  2. Warm burning sensations

  3. Sharp stabbing pains

  4. Numbness and tingling

  5. Muscle weakness

Unfortunately that list goes on and on to include symptoms within our organs as well.

The good new is that there IS help!

and there is PLENTY that you can do to overcome

and Heal Your Body From The Inside Out.

And I share ALL of that with you inside of this transformational program.

Over the span of 4 short weeks you will receive 9 video modules delivered directly to your inbox that include all of the necessary information required in order to heal your chronic pain from the inside out.

Each lesson builds on the previous lesson and are presented in an order and flow that walks you through the exact action steps you need to take in the order necessary to rise above the pain.

During those 4 weeks you will also have DIRECT email access to me personally so that I can answer any and all questions you may have.

I also help hold you accountable for showing up and taking action by asking specifically timed questions throughout the course to make sure you are putting in the time to heal.

Accountability is always the main key to success!

There is also nothing to lose.

I am so confident that this program will help you, that I even offer a money back guarantee. If at the end of four weeks, you feel that you have not improved enough, and can show me that you have showed up and put in the time to do the short exercises in the course, I will refund your money.

The best part is that the information presented in this program will last you a lifetime and assist you in the future should you ever begin to experience symptoms in another part of your body.

Imagine how different life will be if in 4 short weeks you are able to once again:

  • Go to the gym and exercise without pain

  • Play with your children, your dog, or your athletic team without fear of the pain stopping you.

  • Spend intimate quality time with your partner and not be held back by pain.

  • Put in quality productive hours on the job and no longer miss work due to the pain.

The list of benefits doesn’t end there!

If you are ready to transform your life and finally rise above the chronic pain that has been holding your back, now is the perfect time to start.

There are two great options below to make sure that the course is accessible to all of those who are ready to heal.

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Simply place your order by clicking the form of your choice below and you will receive your first video from “Beyond Back Pain” directly to your email.

Get ready to change your life forever!

I cannot wait to hear about your success on the other side of those 4 short weeks!

(If you are still not convinced, make sure you check out some of the Success Stories below to learn how healing is always possible!)

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