Welcome to week Five

Video 01 & 02: These next two videos explore Tension Myoneural Syndrome (TMS) a bit more and discuss the common personality traits that are involved, as well as other emotions (besides fear and anger) that create tension in the body. I also cover the various other manifestations of TMS like conditions in the body.

I’m sure you will recognize yourself during the parts where the various personality traits are discussed.


Video 03: This video will give you direct insight into where emotions come from and teach you the number one way to prevent them from running rampant in the background of your mind and body.

(Please pardon my dog coughing in the background! I think she had a piece of grass stuck in her throat that day LOL)

Video 04: When you begin to grasp and apply the principles taught in this video you will make progress in your healing with leaps and bounds. This is hands down the fastest way to get better.

Please be sure to come back to this video as often as you can and begin to internalize this information. <3

HOMEWORK: Watch videos 3 & 4 at least two times, if not more. When you have finished, email me at info@drmikemurray.com and tell me the number one thing that you learned and how you have applied it in your life.