Video 01: This video discusses a few important mindset shifts that will help you remember that your body is a self healing mechanism and it is DESIGNED TO HEAL.

Video 02: Why is is that we suppress and hang onto emotions in the first place? This video explains why those patterns of behavior start and will help to give you a clearer picture of why you are experiencing mind-body related pain syndromes.

Video 03: This is one of two videos this week on the topic of meditation. There are a few key principles and ideas in this short three minute video to help you get started down the path of meditating.

Video 04: I wanted to circle back around on the idea of meditation, or as I prefer to call it “contemplation”, and give you a few sure fire ways that you can learn to meditate with ease. Part of the reason we struggle with the idea of meditation is because the “how” seems to allude us and we think that we are doing it wrong. By following these TWO simple steps laid out in the video, you will be meditating in no time.

Video 05: One of the ways that we begin to overcome pain is by believing in the reality that the mind is generating tension and subsequently pain inside the body. Repetition of ideas is one of the best ways to reinforce a new concept and strengthen our belief in it. Please watch this short, excellently animated video that I found, to help you better understand what is happening inside your mind and body.

Video 06: As you start to progress through this program, DOUBT will inevitably come into your mind. This video will help you relax and dispel the doubt as it starts to sneak back in and remind you that I am here for you; to encourage you through the stumbling blocks as they come up.

Video 07: This video is about CONTEXT and the stories that we develop around the experience of pain and how it relates and ultimately leads to chronic pain.

ACTION STEPS: Start Meditating for 5 minutes per day. Find a quite place where you can relax and be undisturbed. Set a timer so that you are not sitting there and wondering how long it has been.

EXTRA CREDIT: Watch the Documentary “HEAL” on Netflix or download it from Amazon or Apple.

REMINDERS: These strategies only work when they are implemented. You have committed to this program and you have committed to your healing. The effects are cumulative and each time you do it you get one step closer to releasing your pain.

“Saying no to someone else is saying YES to yourself.”

Be sure to set the time each day to show up for YOURSELF and commit to the action steps. Set clear boundaries and don’t overextend yourself or fill up your calendar during this time period. Make sure you are giving yourself adequate time each day to reflect and accomplish the strategies laid out.

Make sure that you have committed to no longer talking about the pain.

SLEEP! You must be getting adequate sleep. It is when the body AND mind heals and it is one of the best things that you can do for your health and mental clarity.