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Please read on; answering the questions below to yourself, to find out if we are a good fit for working together.

If you feel that you are unable to take the time to go through this brief series of questions and information that I have laid out below, then I can assure you that we are not a good fit for working together.

Education and patience is a large part of my curriculum and if you are simply seeking a quick fix, I would recommend looking for another chiropractor.

Probably the most important question when dealing with musculoskeletal pain is:

"Can you remember a period of time when you did not have the pain?”

Another example of a great question to ask yourself is:

“Are there periods of time during the days or weeks when the pain is not present?”

The reason for these questions is simple and the answers can be broken down into two categories; Structural vs. Non-structural pain.

Examples of Structural pain include things like broken bones, torn muscles, infections and some forms of cancer. When dealing with a Structural deficiency, the pain will be consistent in frequency, especially when overloaded during movement, and will seemingly always be present.

That is why the previous question is so important.

If you are experiencing moments during the day, or days during the week, when the pain is NOT present then there is a higher likelihood that you are dealing with Non-structural pain.

Often clients will experience flare ups in a previous area of complaint after going without symptoms for months or even years. This is a big clue that you are experiencing Non-structural pain; and examples would include things like an over-sensitized nervous system or oxygen deficiency in the muscles/ligaments/tendons due to chronic tension. In both of those examples, it is still possible to have pain that is seemingly constant, especially when aggravated during a flare up.

However, if you and your doctor have ruled out any serious pathologies like those listed above as Structural pain, then there is a very good chance that the pain is Non-structural in nature.

A simple metaphor for the two situations can be described like this:

A broken screen on your phone is an example of a Structural problem, while a phone that is beginning to slow down and overheat due to prolonged use is an example of a Non-structural problem.

Which one sounds more like you?

I have found that the clients who are most willing to show up and put in the time to overcome chronic pain, are the ones who have tried multiple different approaches such as traditional chiropractic adjustments, manual therapy & massage, physical therapy & exercise, medicine, and even surgery; but have yet to receive any long term results.

In my experience those clients who have only had the pain for a short amount of time are generally less open to looking into the root cause of the pain and are simply looking for a quick fix.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a quick fix, but I need you to understand that this is not how I operate anymore..

As stated above, education and patience lives at the core of my curriculum. I TEACH people how to overcome chronic pain and I no longer provide hands on therapies.

My clients achieve long-term results by learning about the true causes of chronic pain and implementing effective strategies used to overcome the pain.

I have seen everything from years of upper back, neck and shoulder pain, to years of lower back pain, and even numbness and tingling in the arms and legs all disappear in my clients after simply teaching them about the true nature of what they are experiencing.

Knowledge is Power.

Are you ready to be led out of the dark?

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